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Greatest American Dog–Episode 5

In Greatest American Dog on August 7, 2008 at 9:44 pm

After Tillman was dismissed last week, things just aren’t the same at Canine Academy anymore. I know Tillman’s chance of winning was slim, but I would have liked to see him stay longer, just for the entertainment value. Not only does he fart, but he skateboards too.

If that doesn’t make him the Greatest American Dog, I don’t know what does. I visited the show’s forum and learned I wasn’t the only Tillman fan sorry to see him go. A lot of people said they stopped watching because of it. If it’s true most reality shows are rigged for ratings, they did a bad thing kicking him off so soon.

With Tillman gone, I’m really rooting for Bill and Star.

The only thing I can’t figure out about the pair is why they’re on the show. There’s no doubt that Star could be America’s greatest dog, but Bill doesn’t seem to be the reality show type at all (unlike Beth Joy and Brandy). He’s much older than the rest of the contestants and gets incredibly homesick. It was so nice of Theresa to give up the dog bone suite to him after she won the challenge.

The best in show challenge this episode was a hoot. Not because of the dogs, but because of the crazy costumes the humans had to wear and their horrible attempts to dance. Laurie and Andrew ended up taking home Best in Show. The two really have a strong connection. Laurie’s a great trainer and Andrew responds well. I can’t believe the things she’s able to get a Maltese to do!

And then there was JD and Galaxy… They’re a good pair and Galaxy is very well trained, I’ll give them that. But they remind me of “the smart kid” in high school. Not the quiet, kept-to-himself guy, but the one who got an A on the test and had to stand up and brag about it to the rest of the class. Even though there’s a very good chance JD and Galaxy will win the competition, you almost want to see them fail just to say “Ha!” They did have a great hip hop routine and it was a priceless to see his face when Laurie took home the prize. JD’s won enough challenges, it was someone else’s turn.

The whole episode was leading up to Brandy being kicked out. Beacon was burned out and probably sick of his mommy’s voice. The poor dog probably has no idea what’s going on—why he’s in a strange house with so many other dogs, why Brandy keeps making him sit and do tricks when all he wants to do is sleep.

It’ll be interesting to see who gets the cut next week. The remaining contestants are pretty strong. Even Beth Joy has learned to kick it up a notch and turn down the drama. (Let’s see if Bella shows up at any more challenges wearing clothes…)


  1. Hi Renee. I found your blog and nice comments about Andrew and me so I thought I’d say hello. I’m glad you enjoyed the show!

    Woofs and Wags,
    Laurie & Andrew

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