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Greatest American Dog, Episode 3

In Uncategorized on July 29, 2008 at 6:15 pm

Episode 3 of Greatest American Dog was entitled “The and The Furriest,” which was the name of the Best In Show competition. The episode started right where the previous episode had ended. Beth Joy had just been berated by the judges for putting her dog in a dress. She had pointed out that Laurie put her Maltese in top knots as an “example” of how other contestants were doing the same thing she was. Laurie calmly explained that a Maltese wears top knots while being shown and that it is not the same thing as a dog in a dress. The next morning, when David let Elvis off his lease outside, seven people went back inside because Elvis is a mighty fearful Jack Russel Terrier. Laurie didn’t take Andrew inside and Elvis was finally able to play with another dog. Poor little guy.

This week’s theme was teamwork. The Dog Bone Challenge was Tangled Lease where the contestants were paired up and had to work together to get their dogs through obstacles on tangled leases. Travis/Presley and Brandy/Beacon won the challenge despite Brandy’s freaking out. They were awarded the Dog Bone Suite but Travis gave the suite to Brandy. The pair decided to send Laurie to the doghouse because they felt Laurie and Andrew were a serious threat.

After the challenge, Elvis seemed to have made another friend in Tilman and I’m glad that Ron allowed the two dogs to play after last week’s scuffle. By the pool, Laura and Travis were flirting up a storm. Laura said, “we’ve completely fallen in love with each other’s dogs.” Travis was not as coy and noted that they are both single. Sounds like there could be a little romance happening.

The Best of Show Challenge, The Fast and The Furriest started with Travis and Brandy as the team captains who picked their teams. Travis’ team was composed of: Laura/Preston (obviously she was his first pick), JD/Galaxy, Bill/Star, and Beth Joy/Bella Starlet. Brandy’s team was composed of: Teresa/Leroy, Ron/Tilman, David/Elvis, and Laurie/Andrew. Laurie was the last choice which surprised me because Andrew seems like a very well trained dog.

The Challenge was made up of 6 tasks in a relay race. The tasks were: catch a frisbee, jump through hoops, push a cart, walk along two teeter-totters, run through tubes, and 3 of the dogs pull a “sled” while 1 sits in the seat.

Team Travis:

Frisbee: JD/Galaxy-she dropped the first frisbee but quickly caught the next one.

Hoops: Beth Joy/Bella Starlet-she only had minor trouble and did much better than she did during practice.

Push-cart: Travis/Presley-the judges called this performance “awesome and superb”.

Teeter-totter: Bill/Star: had only a little mess up when Bill said “out” to Star when he meant “down”.

Tubes: Laura/Preston: he went through the tubes quickly with no trouble.

Presley sat in the sled while the other 3 pulled it quickly.

Time: 2:52

Team Brandy

Frisbee: Teresa/Leroy: caught the first frisbee.

Hoops: Laura/Andrew: Laurie made the hole of the hoop covered with tissue paper bigger so that Andrew could get through it with more ease. He also seemed to be afraid of the hoop decorated with feathers and I don’t blame him.

Push-cart: Ron/Tilman: he seemed more interested in biting the car than pushing it and it was something of a disaster.

Teeter-totter: David/Elvis: this was also a disaster because Elvis was on leash for walking the teeter-totter and had his neck yanked when he fell of David was desperately trying to get him back on. Elvis did much better in the little maze because he was off lease.

Tubes: Brandy/Beacon: did very well until the end of the tube which had a sock on it, Brandy had to lift the sock so that Beacon could exit. Brandy was so proud of Beacon she was crying.

Andrew sat in the sled while the other 3 pulled it quickly.

Time: 3:01

Team Travis was safe and the bottom 3 were all members of Team Brandy. Brandy herself was safe.

The Bottom 3:

David/Elvis: the judges said David wasn’t letting Elvis be himself by keeping him on the leash and they were concerned about this necked being yanked.

Ron/Tilman: they were a team but the judges did not see Ron acting like a teammate or training Tilman. He needed to be better partners with Tilman.

Laurie/Andrew: she gave Andrew and advantage that he did not need and she needs to trust that Andrew can be trained.

David and Elvis were expelled from Canine Academy. David thanked the judges and his house-mates for all their advice. He left with, “Elvis had left the building” and proceeded to cry and say he really wanted to thank Elvis.

This Thursday, look for:

-A photo-shoot as a challenge and Beth Joy and Bella Starlet being right at home with it.

-Leroy biting Teresa.

-Tilman wearing a life jacket in the pool.

-Amanda Giffi


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