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Rabbit Saves Couple from Fire

In Uncategorized on July 24, 2008 at 4:54 pm

We’ve all heard stories about faithful dogs and cats who have saved their people from house fires, but I’ve never heard of a rabbit doing the same. That is, until I read this story about an Australian couple who was saved by their rabbit. Gerry and Michelle Finn were sleeping as flames were destroying the the inside of their home and parts of the roof. Their bunny, named Rabbit, scratched on their bedroom door which woke the couple. Rabbit was allowed to roam free in the house, as long as no guests were present. He didn’t like the smoke filling his home and thankfully knew to wake up Mr. and Mrs. Finn. All three escaped from the home uninjured. It took four fire crews to extinguish the blaze and substantial damage was done to the home. Most importantly, the couple is alive thanks to Rabbit.

-Amanda Giffi

  1. this is particularly interesting to me because rabbits do not have vocal chords. It is amazing that this rabbit could scratch so loudly that it saved a family’s life. I think this is one family that would have been super grateful for animal oxygen masks. God Bless America.

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