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Oxygen Masks for Pets

In Uncategorized on July 24, 2008 at 7:40 pm

The story about the rabbit who saved his people got me thinking about animals who are rescued from fires. I came across an article about a fire department in Waltham, MA that recently received a donation of animal oxygen masks. A set of 10 oxygen mask, designed specially to fit dogs and cats, were donated by Vetcision, a MA veterinary emergency and specialty hospital. The masks are made by Surgi Vet, Veterinary Surgical Products, are cone-shaped, and come in three different sizes. Typically, human masks are used if an animal has been rescued from a fire or drowning and needs oxygen, however because of the ill-fitting shape, oxygen can escape and this decreases the effectiveness of the mask. The animal oxygen masks are a fairly new product and not many emergency services have them, but perhaps their use will spread.

-Amanda Giffi

  1. This is interesting to me. I really like knowing that these oxygen masks were donated but it does leave me curious as to how much they cost and would more fire departments be willing to spend the money to invest in them. In my opinion, if you;ve just lost your home to a fire, your pet may be the only thing to bring solace in an unnerving time.

  2. These masks cost $55 from http://www.petmask.com. I am trying to get them on every fire truck that needs them. Any one can help by making a donation, spreading the word, or purchasing a kit for their local department. Currently most departments do not have the money to spend on equipment to save animals because of budget cuts. As pet lovers we can all help.


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