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Greatest American Dog, Episode 2

In Uncategorized on July 23, 2008 at 12:03 am

Drama, drama drama. This show seems less about the dogs and more about the drama between the human contestants. It’s likely the ultimate winner will be based more on the person with the biggest personality rather than the most skilled dog. The episode, entitled “He’s a Farter, Not a Fighter”, started with an argument between David and Ron about a scuffle between Elvis and Tillman. Tillman was scratched by Elvis and Ron freaked out. He went as far to suggest that David should continue living in the outside dog house so that Tillman is not at risk for another fight. This is where the episode’s title comes from, Ron says that Tillman is “a farter, not a fighter.” I couldn’t help but thinking that an English Bull Dog should be able to hold his own against a Jack Russell Terrier.

Star suffered an injury shortly after going outside with Bill. They immediately went to the vet, who treated Star’s ear injury. It appears she snagged it on a piece of wire or something. Bill was in tears and couldn’t think about what he would do if something happened to Star, he considers Star part of his family. The vet patched her and sent her home to rest. Travis became very emotional about Star’s injury and also could not contemplate life without his dog, Presley.

The contestants were once again split into groups, this time to prepare for an obedience challenge with a twist: distractions. Brandy immediately pointed to Elvis and David as possibly ruining her performance as it did in the last episode when they were on the same team. Sure, Brandy, blame the old guy for the lack of control you have over your own dog. Beth Joy was on the same team as Elan and voiced concerns that Kenji “might roll over onto Bella Starlet”. I think perhaps that lady might want to consider a life that does not revolve so completely around her dog. However, Elan often yelled at Kenji which could harm their chances of staying in the competition.

The name of the formal challenge was “Bone Appetite”. The dogs were judged on obedience, manners, and show, meaning they had to be looking their best. The contestants seemed excited for their second formal challenge. Dressing up is apparently Bella Starlet’s greatest talent, and Beth Joy asserted that “we feel really good about this challenge”. I’m glad she’s so confident that she knows what her dog is thinking. There is a room in the mansion called “The Groom Room” which has everything the contestants should need to groom their dogs. Ron expressed anxiety over how well Tillman would do, and I shared his misgivings as Tillman looks like the sort of dog that gobbles food.

Three commands were challenged: heel, leave-it, and sit-stay. For the heel command, the dogs needed to heel and walk by the side of their person. This also gave the judges a chance the evaluate grooming. The leave-it command had the dogs and people sitting at a table and the dogs were tempted by their favorite foods. Next, the dogs had to remain sitting and stay while the people walked around the table.

Here’s how the contestants did:

Laurie & Andrew: very well, Andrew was very animated.

Ron & Tillman: very well, Tillman did not eat the steak he was tempted with.

Teresa & Leroy: great, they matched perfectly and Leroy has great obedience.

Bill & Star: excellent, Bill was lauded for praising Star and for being attuned to her.

Brandy & Beacon: not too well, the heel was poor, Brandy should have spoken more and louder to Beacon.

JD & Galaxy: well, but the judges think he needs to loosen up so that Galaxy can relax more.

Travis & Presley: very well, praised for baby talking to Presley.

Laura & Preston: very well, Preston couldn’t keep his eyes off Laura.

Elan & Kenji: not well, the judges said she was stressing Kenji out a lot, as well as stressing out every person and dog in the room.

Beth Joy & Bella: not well, the judges did not like that she dressed Bella up because it masks the dog’s body signals and they were unable to assess her grooming. Beth Joy became emotional, made some excuses, and tearfully proclaimed, “She’s my world!” The judges told her to stop being emotional and to compete.

Starting this week, one pair was awarded the title “Best In Show”. This honor went to Bill & Star due to their great relationship.

The bottom three consisted of:

Elan & Kenji: Elan used confusing communication, which stressed Kenji. The judges also thought she had the potential to be harsh with Kenji.

Beth Joy & Bella Starlet: The judges do not feel clothing is appropriate for a dog, telling Beth Joy, “a dog is not a Barbie doll”. Predictably, Beth Joy had an out burst and I thought that was grounds enough for her to be eliminated.

David & Elvis: The judges pointed to his confusing hand signals, and I’m starting to think these to are the go-to pair if you want to pick on someone.

Elan & Kenji were eliminated. Elan claimed the experience “taught her so much” about dogs and how to handle them. So then, why were you the second pair to go? I hope Beth Joy is the next to go, although I suppose every reality show needs a crazy.

This Thursday’s episode:

-Elvis tries to make a friend

-Brandy becomes stressed by Beacon

-Laura flirts with Presley

-Amanda Giffi


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