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Alligators in Chicago

In Uncategorized on July 18, 2008 at 5:31 pm

Yesterday, officials reported that they had captured a 40-inch alligator near Lake Renwick in Plainfield, IL, a Chicago suburb. The alligator is young and is thought to have been an illegal pet that someone dumped in the lake. Last month, a 5-foot alligator was found in the Chicago river. The alligator was found by an employee of a metal manufacturer in the river’s South Branch. This alligator is also thought to have been an illegal pet that had been discarded.

According to the Encarta online Encyclopedia, the American alligator’s natural habitat is in freshwater swamps, lakes, and bayous in southeastern U.S. An adult alligator can reach 20 ft. in length and should not be handled but those who are not trained in reptile handling.

I wonder how people come to the conclusion that an alligator is a good pet because obviously, wild animals should never be kept as pets. I also wonder about whoever released these two alligators into Chicago bodies of water when the reptiles could have been harmed or have harmed people. People never cease to amaze me in their foolishness when it comes to animals.

-Amanda Giffi


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