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Call of the wild?

In Uncategorized on June 18, 2008 at 7:26 pm

Many people are fond of camping with their pets––and I’m happy for them. Heeding the call of the wild may well be in human nature, but I have my doubts whether it’s in animal nature. On behalf of those of us for whom camping means a night-time picnic with plenty of citronella and indoor plumbing a heartbeat away, I maintain that our dogs enjoy this slightly more domesticated adventure even more than those of a rowdier sort. Doesn’t that other kind of camping expose our pooches frightfully to the elements––and aren’t there snakes (even lions and tigers and bears, oh my) and other crawly things out there that might do FiFi terrible harm? Just because I may think it’s “fun” to test my mettle by pretending I don’t live in a world offering all the comforts of civilization I could wish for, does that mean my dog finds this amusing as well? I simply don’t know, though I have my instincts (I know how she loves her cushioned doggie bed, after all). But I can’t read her mind; I’m not an animal communicator. So, as I see it, common sense dictates erring on the cautious (and comfortable) side. Let her little paw prints dance to her heart’s content on a manicured lawn rather than scorching themselves on rough-and-tumble trails. If she’s happy, I’m happy.


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