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What’s in a (pet’s) name?

In Uncategorized on June 11, 2008 at 3:16 pm

“What’s in a name? That which we call Fuzzbutt
By any other name would not support McCain.”

Romeo and Juliet may think there’s nothing to a name, but a recent national study begs to differ, claiming that what we name our pets may reflect our voting preference. Is your guinea pig named Fuzzbutt? The study suggests you’re a McCain supporter.

The Strategic Name Development of Minneapolis asked 1,059 people about their pet’s names and political preference.

This is what the study found:

-McCain supporters show the greatest tendency to give their pets irreverent names (like Fuzzbutt, Booger and Stupid) as well as name them after people, especially past presidents
-Hillary supporters were more likely to use names that allude to the pet’s personality, like Dreamer or Cupcake
-Obama supporters use fewer derogatory or negative names. Obama supporters had more coined pet names, like Bam-Bam, Kitty Dawg and Jinxie
-The most popular initial letter for pets is S

What do you think about the study? Do you think your pet’s name reflects your political preference? I’ll admit, we had a few laughs in the office when I discovered this study, which at first glance sounded bogus. But I started thinking of the names my friends and family members use for their pets, and most of them were pretty good matches with their favorite candidate. I learned something else from this study—people have some crazy names for their furry friends! (Demonspawn, Cokehead, Smoke and Mirrors, Oh No—just to name a few)

Image courtesy Pet Hall

  1. It’s a real shame that people would name their companions such idiotic names.
    They wouldn’t do that to their kids…oh, wait, some actually do!
    What your name your pet is a direct reflection of your intelligence, how considerate you are to this animal, how much you care, or lack of any or all of it.

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