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Something seems a bit fishy here…

In Uncategorized on June 3, 2008 at 6:35 pm

… that’s because June is National Home Aquarium Month. What? You hadn’t heard?

I’ll be the first to admit it; when talking about pets, it’s easy to forget about our finned and scaled friends. But for many people—those in apartments with rules about pets, allergy suferers, aquatic enthusiasts—fish are the perfect pet. And it turns out they do more than entertain and eat their fish food. According to biOrb, an aquarium maker, “studies show watching fish can help reduce stress and anxiety, promote relaxation and enhance learning abilities among some people.”

Though I tend to think of pet fish as pretty passive (you feed them, you watch them, lather, rinse, repeat), it seems my take on them is a bit out-dated. What do you think the best benefits of having fish for pets are?

Image by flickr user Svadilfari.


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