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Cool tips for hot summer pets

In Uncategorized on May 30, 2008 at 7:55 pm

Summer is officially here. How do I know this? Because my chubby Chihuahua “gave up the ship” (as my dad likes to call it) and refused to go any further on our last walk. He wandered under a neighbor’s tree and collapsed, tongue-out-of-mouth panting. We had to carry him home.

There are certain precautions you should take with your pet now that the “heat is on”—the ASPCA offers a great list of safety tips on their website. Here are a few:

-Don’t make the mistake I made and try to walk your pet too far in the heat. Make sure he has plenty of water and shade if he’s going to be outdoors.

-Though your dog may have his “Feed me!” innocent puppy face perfected, be careful what you feed him during a backyard barbeque. Especially keep alcoholic beverages away from pets—they can cause comas or even death! If your pooch feels left out of the party, try a pet-friendly non-alcoholic beer like Bowser Beer or Happy Tail Ale.

-Keep your pets off the grass if it’s recently been treated with insecticides, they can be harmful if ingested.
Image courtesy SatelliteBeach.org

  1. Aw Squirt gave up the ship? Ha that is the first time I have ever heard that expression used. I cannot believe they make beer for dogs. So I guess Squirt can have four beers?

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