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Don’t call it a comeback

In Uncategorized on May 23, 2008 at 2:31 pm

I received an email this morning from Karen Quigley, mom of Elwood, the 2007 World’s Ugliest Dog. “Although we were going to let Elwood retire on top,” she writes, “He has been doing such great work for homeless animals and others spreading his message that ‘it’s OK to be different’ we agreed to enter again.”

Karen and Elwood are both total champs. After winning last year’s contest, Elwood went to work as a goodwill ambassador for homeless pets. He also penned a lovely book, Everyone Loves Elwood, which offers up a heartwarming tale of a homeless pet who finds love in a new home, despite his unusual looks.

One component of the World’s Ugliest Dog contest is online voting, which you can do here. Elwood looks like her has some pretty formidable challengers in the 2008 contest. Our picks for biggest challengers are Pee Wee Martini, 2006 winner Archie, and Princess Chelsea. Which pooch do you think will bring home the prize this year?

  1. My vote was for Squiggy!

  2. […] of St. Petersburg, FL, says the first prize will go toward the dog’s chemotherapy. Gus beat out Elwood, last year’s winner, who came out of retirement to participate in the event. Click here for […]

  3. he is very cute i dont think he is ugly

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