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Pets hurting too, as economy suffers

In Uncategorized on May 20, 2008 at 3:38 pm

It isn’t only people that are feeling the effects of the sub-prime mortgage crisis; unfortunately, our pets are also suffering. As people lose houses and condos, they often lose their pets, too, since many apartments do not allow pets. I’m in frequent contact with shelters across the country, and I keep hearing heartbreaking stories about people being forced to leave their pets at shelters due to economic reasons.

As much as we love our pets, it can be staggering how much it costs to keep them happy and healthy (just yesterday my parents found out that their cat, Seth Elliot, needs $700 in dental care!). I read these helpful hints on how to cut costs while still giving Fluffy and Fido all the love and attention they need and though they were worth passing along:

1) Keep a list of what you actually need versus what you want (kibble is more important than a rhinestone collar).

2) Look for online sales.

3) Check dollar stores for discount pet toys.

4) Be proactive about your pet’s health (Mom and Dad—if only you’d brushed Seth’s teeth every once in a while…)

5) Groom as home when possible instead of going to the groomer


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