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Molly the persevering pony

In Uncategorized on May 14, 2008 at 3:20 pm

Part of the fun of working at a pet magazine (besides the dogs that are always running around the office) is the email forwards. I’m sure anyone with an email address has the friend who can’t help but bombard you with Fwd after Fwd, but here at Tails, most of our forwards are inspirational or funny stories about pets. The latest one about Molly the pony is worth sharing.

Molly leaves a smile wherever she goes.

Not just because of the smiley face engraved on her prosthesis, but because of her story.

Molly is a Katrina survivor. She was abandoned by her guardians and was attacked by a pit bull terrier that gnawed her right front leg, which became infected and needed to be amputated. You can read her complete story here, but to make a long story short, Molly’s determined will and serious survival ethic helped her gain a prosthetic leg and a whole new life.

She now travels with her new guardian to shelters, hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers and other places where people need hope. She even has a new book!

She is an inspiration, and in her vet’s eyes, a symbol of New Orleans itself.

  1. Why can’t we say a dog attacked the horse instead of saying a pit bull? Please do not get me wrong what happened to the horse was horrific and her recovery is a miracle but how do we know it was a pit bull? Who identified the dog? Do you know how many breeds of dogs are mislabled pit bull? Pit bull is not a breed of dog and is comparable to saying a dog is a hound.

    After Hurricane Katrina a lot of bad things happened. How about the animals that were left to drown and dogs to starve to death at the end of a chain? My guess one of these dogs may have broken free gone after the horse. Who is to blame? The owners. Please target the owners of the dogs and not go after the breed.

    Our group spent many weeks after Hurricane Katrina trying to assist all the animals. It was a horrible event and maybe we should give this dog a pass and praise the fact the horse survived and is able to help others.

  2. Thank you for sharing this incredible story about Molly. She is indeed a very courageous pony! I feel so much for her – having gone through the horrifying and tragic Katrina hurricane, abandoned by her guardians, and having a dog gnawing at her leg, which later had to be amputated. I can only imagine what a scary and painful time that had to have been for her. But you are right in that Molly is a survivor! It’s amazing what some animals go through, and yet have so much courage and will to carry on. As horrible as Molly’s situation was, I’m happy to hear that she is doing great now, and able to walk again with her prosthetic leg, and also travel to various places to give people hope! And she even has her own book too! Wow, Molly is definitely an inspiration and shows so much strength through the hard times she went through. I am so very glad she had a second chance at life and is living it to the fullest! Molly is so beautiful too, I can see why she leaves a smile everywhere that she goes 🙂 And I can also see how she is a source and symbol of hope and inspiration to all the people she has met, as well as to the people who have read her story of triumph over tragedy! What a great story about this very special and precious pony!

    – Jane Diamond

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