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DMX has had better days, but for his dogs, things are starting to look up

In Uncategorized on May 13, 2008 at 4:49 pm

Rapper DMX was arrested on drug-related and animal cruelty charges in Arizona after a raid on May 9. It was a busy week for the rapper behind “The Year of the Dog… Again,” as he was also arrested on the previous Tuesday for driving 114 miles per hour on a highway.

Those with longer memories than I have will remember that DMX was convicted of animal cruelty in New Jersey in 1999 for housing 13 pit bulls in tight cages. He later agreed to to record a public service announcement against cruelty as part of his plea deal. It seems that he didn’t take his own PSA too seriously, as when the Maricopa County sheriff arrived as his property, they found five Pit Bulls on his property. During last summer’s raid, authorities discovered 12 malnourished Pit Bulls as well as the bodies of three dogs buried in the back yard.

It’s so frustrating that despite all the education and information out there, that people—thousands of people—still participate in dog fighting. I hoped that in the aftermath of the Michael Vick case, that we’d see celebrities come out against dogfighting (and many, many did, and I applaud them). Here it seems like we’re back where we started. Perhaps DMX just wanted to appear tough; a recent study conducted by the University of Chicago and HSUS found that “the appeal of dogfighting to youth originates from the desire to appear “tough,” to work out street or gang conflicts, and to combat boredom and even poverty.”

  1. This is a great case to prove stiffer penalties are needed for animal abusers no matter of the species or breed. DMX should have never been allowed to own another dog much less 12.

    The only way we can change this cycle is to go into the inner cities and out in the country and show postive things you can do with your dog. Our group sponsor events and spend many hours educating about positive interactions with your pet.

    Our rescue group is currently working with dogs from a dog fighting bust. It is a labor of love and wanting the dogs to have a normal life in which they were deprived. It breaks my heart to see their broken bones jetting akwardly under their skin (the fractures are too old to set), scarring, and the fear in their eyes just to see a tether. We have spend many loving hours working with this bunch.

    The sad part of our work with ex-fighters…there is no market for homes. There are too many animals with no issues trying to find homes and dying in the shelters every day much less a special needs.

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