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Seeing green

In Uncategorized on May 9, 2008 at 4:34 pm

News headlines across the internet are buzzing about a puppy recently born in New Orleans with green fur. What luck! “Luck?” you might ask. Yes, luck, but not because of an association with the Irish, but because Bowser’s a cute little puppy––and not one of us. Let’s face it: Green fur is freakish, unless it’s St. Patrick’s Day, and that’s why little Bowser, as I’ve named him, made the news. Green skin, on the other hand, would be downright alien––science fictionesque, we might say. But what is news to us but the exploitation of difference in some form? Hence the green puppy on CNN. Unlike most human beings, however, Bowser is fortunate in being blissfully unembarrassed (you could say cuddily clueless) of his difference. All attention, so long as it’s not abuse, is truly good attention for a puppy. So for his sake I wish he could stay green forever––the greener the fur, the more hugs, as far as he’s concerned. (What little tot wouldn’t want to hold “the green one” of the litter first?) But alas, experts say the green will fade and turn to white or tan within a few weeks. Which I imagine will cause some disappointment, though Bowser will be none the wiser––at least, for his sake, I can only hope.

  1. He looks like he went swimming in the Chicago River on St. Patrick’s day!

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