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Best Friends Animal Society among first to recieve donation from eBay campaign

In Uncategorized on May 5, 2008 at 3:36 pm

Best Friends Animal Society and two other nonprofit organizations have been chosen to benefit from eBay’s new Community Gives campaign.

eBay will divide $1 million to all three groups, which provides them with $333,333 each. Any eBay member who donates to the campaign will add another $1 per person and any employee of eBay who choose to donate will be matched $500 per person.

Other groups receiving donations include Oxfam, an international relief and development organization and First Book, an organization that gives children the opportunity to read with their first book.

With half of the money already supplied to these organizations, Best Friends has already begun building a puppy care center located at their sanctuary in southern Utah. The puppy care center will provide a puppy preschool for homeless pets, which will include an admissions building and playground center. The center will provide a place for puppies to be trained and socialized before they reach their forever homes.

As part of their golden anniversary, the Hush Puppy Shoe Company has also been fundraising for the Best Friends puppy care center.

The campaign will run through June 21.
Elizabeth Piwowarski


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