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Delta increasing fees for pet travel

In Uncategorized on April 24, 2008 at 4:42 pm

With high fuel costs and the entire airplane industry in the gutter, it’s no surprise that airlines would look to save money wherever they can. Starting April 1, Delta increased the fees associated with bringing a pet onboard, from $75 per pet to $100 pet pet. People with pets have the choice of taking their furry friend on board, or checking his kennel. According to Delta, last year 55,000 pets traveled in the cabin, while 64,000 flew as checked baggage. The fee increase only applies to those pets who fly carry-on.

Delta is on the verge of merging with Northwest Air, which when complete, would complete the world’s largest airline. While it’s disappointing that traveling with a pet (something that’s never easy, though it’s getting easier) is becoming more expensive, we’re still happy that pets are allowed in the cabin. After all, Fluffy and Fido, aren’t luggage—they’re part of the family. What do you think of the fare increase? Will it affect your summer travel plans?

Image via Flickr user Cubbie n Vegas.


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