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South Korea clones sniffer dogs

In Uncategorized on April 23, 2008 at 6:09 pm

Everyone has his or her thoughts and views about cloning, which has been a hot topic ever since Dolly the cloned sheep was revealed. But what if cloning could increase the accuracy of sniffer dogs?

According to the BBC, South Korea boasts the world’s first cloned sniffer dogs. The Labrador puppies were cloned using cells from the best sniffer dog in the country’s customs department. They are currently undergoing training but their handler says they are already showing the same level of skill as the original dog. This sounds promising, but raises several questions—have scientists learned more about cloning since 1997 or will the dogs suffer a young death like Dolly did? It also makes me wonder if cloning can “select” for other traits in dogs, such as superb vision or hearing (or even the gene for not peeing on the carpet)? If cloning becomes more mainstream, what effect will it have on pet overpopulation?

Image courtesy of AFP

  1. Some dogs may be better sniffers than others, but there are plenty of pure-breeds and mutts that can sniff very well too. Instead of cloning dogs, we need to take the dogs out of the shelters and train them to sniff. There are already too many dogs in the world, we do not need to start cloning more.

  2. […] isn’t the first case of dog cloning. South Korea cloned sniffer dogs and even had an online auction to clone your dog. The first commercial dog cloning occurred last […]

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