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Is “go fetch” passé?

In Uncategorized on April 22, 2008 at 5:53 pm

Pfizer started marketing the first diet drug for dogs this week: an FDA approved canine weight loss solution called Slentrol. I’m not going to argue that dogs don’t need some help. After all, an estimated 17 million pooches are overweight, up to 40 percent of our canine pals. Yet something about this strikes me as, well, wrong. It isn’t that I’m in favor of obese or unhealthy pets. On the contrary. I think all of our pets deserve to live long, happy, healthy lives. But the reason our pets are overweight isn’t because they head to the fridge for a midnight snack, or can’t motivate themselves to get off the couch and onto a treadmill (er, that would be me). Our pets are overweight because we let them get that way, giving into their every whine and bark with a treat, and thinking that a walk around the block to go potty is as good as an hour-long stroll around town. If I had to choose between throwing Fido a ball, and feeding him a pill, I know which would be more enjoyable, both for him, and for me. Just a little something to think about before rushing to fill the prescription.

Image via Flickr user Butler Corey.

  1. I read somewhere that Drew Barrymore is giving Slentrol to her overweight dog.

  2. This article seems a bit “far fetched” to me.

  3. I agree that feeding your dog a pill rather than putting them on a diet and exercising them more is a terrible idea. People today want fast and easy results, thus taking a pill and making everything better without any effort. Good old fashioned diet and exercise is the BEST way to get a dog or cat in great shape – the healthy way. I would bet money that later down the line this so called “pet diet pill” will have very harmful effects on our pets.

  4. Green beans work great and are much healthier for your pets. My dog lost over 15 pounds by cutting back her food and adding green beans. She LOVES them!

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