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What Happens When Tails Editors Go Out For Lunch

In Uncategorized on April 21, 2008 at 9:09 pm

Executive Editor Jason A. Heidemann, Managing Editor Lauren Lewis and myself all went out for lunch today to talk about story ideas for an upcoming issue. Along the way, we saw a gorgeous, grey cat with two different colored green eyes. Any time I see a cat in Chicago, I wonder if it’s a feral cat, a stray cat, or if it’s a feline with a forever home who is allowed outside. This particular kitty seemed to be domesticated; he was calm and friendly when we went up to pet him. Since we were on a busy Chicago street, I wondered if he somehow had escaped from his house (most cat people I know in Chicago keep their kitties inside, safe from the cars/dogs/perils of the outside world). We looked for a collar, but there wasn’t one, so we had no idea where he was from. After petting him for a few minutes, we went on our way, but who knows what happened to the cat after we left. Hopefully he found his way back to his house. But it’s possible that he didn’t. It reminded all three of us of the importance of putting a collar on your pet, even if you think there’s no reason you’d ever need to.

  1. I actually have only seen one cat so far walking around in Chicago outside. I didn’t check to see if he was wearing a collar or not, but soon as I got closer he ran away. The next day, I saw the same cat in my neighbor’s window. I’m guessing that this is the same cat since I saw him near by our apartments. I thought to myself, “Who still has outside cats?” Don’t people understand what could happen to their cat if it is let outdoors? It could be attacked by another animal, ran over, get a disease, etc. etc. Please people KEEP YOUR CATS INDOORS! They will live a better and longer life.

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