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Pet Pic of the Day

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“The Turkey Pose” by TheeErin

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Tooth for a good cause?

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The late Richard Pryor’s fake tooth is being auctioned off on eBay, according to a report by Zootoo, in order to raise money for Pryor’s Planet, a humane organization the comedian created with his wife Jennifer before his death.

Here at Tails we are big fans of any organization doing good in the animal community. In fact, we interviewed Jennifer Pryor recently about her work with animals. But a tooth? Really? Not something I can say I would want to display on my mantel. Pryor told Zootoo that the idea came after William Shatner auctioned off his kidney stone.

The many casualties of war

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One of Baghdad Cat Rescue\'s rescued kitties.

“Some people buy flash cars, others flash clothes. But it’s my animals that float my boat,” cat-rescuer Louise told Salon about her work helping animals in Baghdad. A security consultant by day, Louise rescues homeless kitties and tirelessly works to get them to safety in England.

This isn’t the first we’ve heard of homeless animals in Iraq’s capital. In Michigan, we wrote about Mama and Boris, two dogs that were unofficially adopted by Army Sgt. Peter Neesley on a Baghdad base. When Sgt. Neesley was killed on Christmas Day, his family worked with organizations including Best Friends Animal Society, to bring the pooches back to Michigan, a journey of over 7000 miles.

Of the 7,100 animals that were caught in humane traps last year, 5,300 were euthanized. And while it’s probably overly optimistic to think that animal welfare should be a major concern when there are bombings and kidnappings and things that we can count on in the US—electricity, a police presence, fresh groceries—aren’t a given, it’s still sad to think that the four-legged members of society aren’t getting the care they need. The good news is, you can help; visit the Baghdad Cat Rescue’s website to find out how.

Hoarded rats finding news homes in Pacific Northwest

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It seems like every day there’s another story about an animal hoarder getting busted by animal control or the police. The sad truth is that most hoarders are people who truly think they are helping the animals, and we think this is an important enough issue that we’ve devoted space to discussing the causes and treatments of hoarding in past issues. A recent story I read, however, was different enough to catch my eye. In almost every case, it seems that cats and dogs are the victims, but in this case, it was pet rats who were overrunning the house. Authorities were set to poison the 100+ rats found at the Rochester, WA home of Michele Diller, 64, until a rat rescue group stepped in. RatsPacNW, from Seattle, is overseeing the rescue and so far have trapped 29 rats, including 10 babies.

Rats don’t always have the best reputation—that nasty rumor about them being responsible for the Black Death just won’t quit—but they do make great pets. I’m just happy that there are rat rescue groups to help this story have a (hopefully) happy ending.

Image via Flickr user Peter Kaminski.

Pet Pic of the Day

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“Babooshka” by ms. roboto

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Shark attack gives pause, but for how long?

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Human nature dictates caution when we’re scared, risk taking when we’re complacent.  For evidence of this, we need look no further than the recent fatal shark attack of a retired veterinarian surfer off the San Diego coast. The attack has temporarily made otherwise eager surfers and swimmers reluctant to enter the waters they would have enjoyed had not that one terrifying headline appeared in the newspaper and echoed through the evening news. For the moment, the freshness of the attack in our consciousness displaces its rarity. This past weekend, helicopters patrolled eight miles of San Diego coastline looking for the shark. Tragic as the fatal attack is, it is not, like the mechanical failure of an airplane, simply one of those freak accidents that no one could have anticipated. The ocean is the known habitat of predators that potentially see us as prey. We are not always at the top of the food chain, and this disturbs us. Our pursuit of fun makes us forgetful, though the statistics support our general carelessness. Risk taking, much as we hate to admit it, is our norm. Our thoughts are with the victim’s family. – Melissa Wiley

Pet Pic of the Day

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\"Happy Caturday\" by Kookybites

“Happy Caturday!” by Kookybites

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Sponsor an orphaned pet for Mother’s Day

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Mother’s Day is almost here! Did you forget? No worries. Why not sponsor an orphan pet from the Best Friends Animals Society in honor of your mom? For just $25, your mom will receive fabulous prizes like a personalized e-Greeting, a subscription to Best Friends magazine, and special members-only rates for area accommodations if you should visit Best Friends Animals Sanctuary. Your mom will also receive a link to a biography of your sponsored pet including a photograph. Animal categories for you to choose from include dogs, cats, birds, bunnies, barnyard pals, and wildlife. But hurry up, Mother’s Day will be here soon!

Visit BestFriends.org for details.

—Elizabeth Piwowarski

Lend a shelter a helping paw

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Sunday, April 27 kicks off National Volunteer Week (Apr 27-May 3) and we can’t think of a better way to get involved then helping out at a local animal shelter. Shelters are always in need of extra hands to help out and there are always a number of tasks the put you up close and personal with the animals! If you don’t have any time, consider dropping off food, blankets, toys, and any other number of supplies they might need. Visit TailsInc.org for a list of animal shelters in your area.

Pet Pic of the Day

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mudigirch settling in

“Mudigirch Settling In” by Jaymce

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